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Category II FAQs

Category II FAQs

What is the Curriculum Proposal System (CPS)?
What is a Category II proposal?
  • Category II proposals create new courses, minors, and options; change courses, minors, options, and majors; and terminate courses, minors, and options.
  • Blanket (e.g. 401-410) or Special Topics (e.g. X99) are created via a request to the APAA Office (7-9560).
  • Experimental courses require a regular Category II proposal, but a syllabus is not required.
What kind of changes to a course can I make via a Category II proposal?
  • Changes may be made to credits, title, grading mode, BCC status, schedule type, repeatability, prerequisites, location, course description, effective term, crosslisting, slash, etc.
  • Changing a course number can only be made via a New Course proposal in the CPS, found under Create a New Proposal: New: Course.
What kind of changes to a program can I make via a Category II proposal?
  • Changes may be made to the Description and the Requirements (e.g., courses and departmental restrictions) of a major, minor, option, endorsement, or certificate.
How do I drop a course?
  • Drop courses are one type of Category II proposal, found under Create a New Proposal: Terminate.
How do Category II proposals differ from Category I proposals?
  • Category II proposals are approved by Faculty Senate Committees of OSU; Category I proposals are approved either by the OUS Provosts Council or the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.
How long does a Category II proposal take, from submission to approval?
  • The review and approval process takes, on average, about one to three months.
Where can I find OSU Curricular Policies and Procedures?
How do I keep track of my proposal, once it has been submitted to the CPS?
  • Open your proposal in My Proposals, click on Show All Reviews
Do I need to upload a syllabus?
  • New and change course proposals require a syllabus EXCEPT for blanket numbered courses and Special Topics courses. 
What are Syllabus Minimum Requirements?
How do slash courses differ from regular courses?
  • Slash courses must show differentiated Learning Outcomes for undergraduates and graduates.
How do I cross-list a course with another course?

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