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Individual user accounts are created for administrative personnel who work in university departments, colleges, campuses, and academic affairs. These accounts are created specifically for each individual to reflect their role and their need for evaluation information. For example, people who work in an individual department can see only the reports for the courses in that department. Unsigned student comments are only available to the instructors and not to administrative personnel.

To request a new account, a college dean or department head should email Beverly Dirks at Beverly.Dirks@oregonstate.edu with the name of the person, their OSU ID number, and the department(s) or college they should have access to.

Reports are available to administrative users once they are available to faculty (generally the week after grading week). Reports for past terms (beginning with Fall 2011) are maintained and can be accessed by logging into eSET and selecting the correct term. Departmental users can see collective results or request a file of the raw quantitative data for their program. See the Reports page for more information.

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Ph: 541-737-7463 | Fax: 541-737-8082

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