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What is Beaver JobNet?

Beaver JobNet is OSU Career Services’ online career management system and it is a great way for students and alums to get started in their job/internship search. Students/alums can connect with employers from a variety of organizations as well as from locations around the country and around the world. Employers are seeking applicants for positions including full-time, co-ops and internships, summer camps, national parks employment, and volunteer organizations such as the Peace Corps. You can access Beaver JobNet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For employers, Beaver JobNet is  your online connection to OSU students and alumni. Students can apply to your job in the way that best meets the department's needs. List part-time jobs for students while they are in school, and summer full or part-time jobs and internships.

  • Post practica, internships and full-time positions
  • Schedule On-Campus Interviewing (Recruiting) and Information Sessions
  • View student Resume Books

OSU is pleased to offer you access to this online system so that you can reach our students with jobs and internships and practica.

OSU Career Services offers you an easy and simplified way to connect to students interested in finding that perfect job or internship.

Beaver JobNet


  • If you are new to Beaver JobNet and need to create an account, please fill out this form or contact Career Services at 541-737-0523 to receive a username and password since ONID accounts expire when you graduate.
  • Log-in to Beaver JobNet using your username and password.
  • First time users: you will be asked to fill in a short profile. When your profile is completed, your personal Beaver JobNet home page will appear on the screen.
  • Questions - contact Career Services at 541-737-0523.

Special Features that help your Job Search in Beaver JobNet

Resume Books

Through BeaverJobNet, you can make your resume available to employers on-line so they can contact you about internship and employment opportunities. When you upload your resume to your account, take the next step to make your resume available for employers to review. Find out how!

Search Agents

A great way for students and alumni to utilize Bevaer JobNet's Job Posting section is to make use of the Job Search Agent feature. Job Search Agents are specialized listings of job postings within the Beaver JobNet system that YOU create the criteria for. Instead of having to constantly check the system for new jobs, or create new searches each time you log-in, Beaver JobNet does the work for you once the Search Agent is set up! Find out how to set one up.




Please think of Beaver JobNet job posting designations as limiting rather than inclusive. 

For instance, if you choose only “Bachelors” from the list of degree levels, ONLY students pursuing a Bachelors degree can apply to your schedule. 

This does NOT include Masters or Doctoral candidates who have Bachelors degrees as well, but have marked themselves in our system as a Masters or Doctoral candidate. 

In the same vein, we highly encourage that you select both “Alumnus” and “Current Students” under Class Level so as not to limit your candidate pool. 

Set a graduation end date if you need someone to fill the position by a certain date, but do not set a graduation start date, so that alumni may also apply.  

We recommend you are as inclusive as possible when setting your job posting parameters so that you do not severely limit your candidate pool.  You may always choose not to invite a candidate to interview who does not have attractive qualifications. 

Severe restrictions may prevent a candidate with excellent qualifications from applying however.

The Career Center expects all employers recruiting our students to abide by NACE Link User Agreement and Beaver JobNet Privacy Policy

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