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Center for Civic Engagement

(541) 737 - 3041

158 Snell Hall (MU East)

Corvallis, Oregon 97331-1610




Civic Engagement Listserv

Civic Engagement & Service Coordinator | Emily Bowling | emily.bowling@oregonstate.edu   | 541-737-7673

Civic Engagement GTA for Alternative Break & Staff Development | Kayla Kosaki | kayla.kosaki@oregonstate.edu | 541-737-3172

Civic Engagement GTA for Outreach & Campus Collaboration | Rylan Wall | rylan.wall@oregonstate.edu | 541-737-3172

Internal Coordinator and Greek Life Liaison | Mariah Waite | cce.internal1@oregonstate.edu

Internal Coordinator and Student Organization Liaison | Julia Bingham | cce.internal2@oregonstate.edu

Internal Coordinator and Service On the Go | Samara Rufener | cce.internal3@oregonstate.edu

Internal Coordinator | Evelyn Lentz | cce.internal4@oregonstate.edu

External Coordinator for Environment; Health & Wellness | John Drischell | cce.external1@oregonstate.edu

External Coordinator for Youth & Education; Hunger & Poverty | Kelly Tedeschi | cce.external2@oregonstate.edu

Communications & Marketing Coordinator  | Allison Julander | cce.communications@oregonstate.edu 




Oregon State University Parker™ Web Map

For information and rules about each lot just click on the blue “P” icons.

The circles with numbers on the map display the real-time availability for accessible parking for people with disabilities (parking placards from the DMV and valid OSU permits or day/hourly passes are required).

Please follow parking rules posted in all OSU parking lots. For more information about rules and parking permits/rates please visit the Transit and Parking Services webpage.

You can also download Parker™ to your smartphone for hands-free navigation to parking on-campus via an app. Please visit our Parking App page for more information.

Contact Info

Center for Civic Engagement
158 Snell Hall (MU East) Corvallis, OR 97331-1610 beaver.volunteer@oregonstate.edu
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