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One-time Service Opportunities:


Weekend Service Trip with INTO OSU: Explore and Restore Southern Oregon

When:         Evening of April 18th thru afternoon of April 20th

Where:             Ashland, OR

Description:   This trip is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, see a new area, and help make Oregon a more beautiful place. Participants will leave for Ashland Friday night so that we can explore the surrounding city on Saturday. On Sunday, the group will volunteer with Lomakatsi to improve the help of the forest. 

Number of Volunteers Needed: 15

Volunteer Requirements: The cost of the trip is $40, which covers transportation and two nights lodging.

Contact Info:  ILLC Welcome Desk in 102 Buxton Hall or 541-737-2464.




Volunteer with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: The “Fluff n’ Buff” Historical Building Clean-up Work Party Meet at the Fiechter House! 

When:        May 3rd, 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Where:             William L. Finley NWR- 26208 Finley Refuge Rd -(Fiechter House)

Description:   Come join refuge staff and volunteers from across the community to help clean and prepare refuge historic buildings for the 50th Anniversary Celebration! Dust masks and cleaning tools will be provided. This is the annual fluff ‘n buff before Finley’s 50th anniversary celebration the following weekend. Come sweep out the 1910 barn and gather owl pellets, or vacuum the 1850s Fiechter House and clean the windows! Cabell Lodge will also need a little sprucing up this year as it will be open to the public on May 10th and full of historical tributes to the refuge.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 10

Volunteer Requirements: No requirements beyond being able to sweep and wipe windows. Volunteer forms will be provided, signature needed.

Contact Info:  Katrina Maggiulli at (541) 757-7236 EXT. 209 



Volunteer with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service“Wetlands, Wildflowers, & Wonder: Celebrating 50 Years”

When:        May 10th, 9:00 am-4:00 pm (shifts are from 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, or 2-4)

Where:             William L. Finley NWR- 26208 Finley Refuge Rd -(Fiechter House)

Description:   Willamette Valley NWR Complex 50th Anniversary Celebration Help us celebrate 50 years of habitat conservation and restoration in the Willamette Valley! A lot has changed since 1964, but not our dedication to conserving natural areas for wildlife and the people who love them. The celebration will include restoration tours, historic building tours and talks, a youth photography scavenger hunt, owl pellet dissection, a silent auction and much much more! A wide variety of volunteer opportunities will be available and all volunteers will be provided with lunch.

Number of Volunteers Needed: 20

Volunteer Requirements: Set up tents, assist with parking, staff information tables, hand out cupcakes, children's activities, etc.

Contact Info:  Katrina Maggiulli at (541) 757-7236 EXT. 209 




Ongoing Service Opportunities:


Volunteer with Corvallis Parks & RecrationParks and Recreation invites you to join with us to make a difference! With over 2,000 acres of parks and open spaces, the Corvallis Parks and Recreation staff simply could not maintain our exceptional parks or offer families such a large variety of activities without the help of volunteers like you. Parks and Recreation has year-round volunteer opportunities for almost every interest, schedule, and ability. There are opportunities for all ages, and we are happy to teach you new skills. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to exercise your mind and body, and share your unique expertise. Learn more about the volunteer opportunities with Corvallis Parks & Recreation here: http://www.corvallisoregon.gov/index.aspx?page=267.


Volunteer with Energize Corvallis

When:             Share resources with network 4 times a year

Where:            You define area

Description:   It is up to all of us to decide how we are going to live and what kind of community we are going to create. Energize Corvallis is dedicated to creating a community where our homes glow with efficient lights, where it is easy and affordable to make home efficiency upgrades, where our streets are filled with more bikes and buses than cars, and where our neighbors are taking charge of their energy use through everyday actions.

We need your help. As an Energizer volunteer, we’ll ask you to help get the word out about Energize Corvallis programs, energy efficiency incentives, and educational information four times a year. 

Volunteering with Energizers just takes a few hours a year:

  • You define your reach. Your Energizer network can be a geographic location such as your block, your neighborhood, or your apartment or townhouse building. Your network can also be a social group such as your colleagues at work, your parent-teacher association, your church, your reading group, or your sports team.
  • You decide how to get the word out. We’ll give you an Energize Corvallis flyer to share with your network four times a year. You can email the flyer to your network or you can pick up copies of the flyer and hand them out.
  • You decide when to get the word out. You’ll have a whole month to send your email or distribute your flyers, so you can pick the time that is just right for you and your network.

Requirements: Register here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/energizers

Contact Info:   Carly Lettero: carlylettero@gmail.com

Website:           http://energizecorvallis.org/ | http://energizecorvallis.org/energizers/


Corvallis Sustainability Coalition’s Recycling Block Captain program

When:             Sign-up by Dec. 12th to be part of the next round of handouts

Where:            Your neighborhood

Description:    Now's a great time to join the growing ranks of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition’s Recycling Block Captain program! It’s a program in which you can help educate your Corvallis neighbors about recycling, composting, and waste prevention. It only takes a couple hours every three months, so it’s both easy and very beneficial to the neighborhoods that are served.

Recycling block captains have two primary responsibilities:

  1. Distribute recycling information to your neighbors 3-4 times per year, and
  2. Serve as a liaison between your neighbors and the Coalition’s Waste Prevention Action Team (i.e. pickup your handouts quarterly and help answer your neighbors’ questions if/when they arise).

The Coalition provides the handouts; you define your own neighborhood (number of homes and location). You can see a map of existing neighborhoods and past handouts on our webpage: http://tiny.cc/wpatcapt.

Requirements: Use this online form to sign up: http://tiny.cc/RecycCaptain

Contact Info:    Andra Norris, andrealnorris@gmail.com

Websites:         http://sustainablecorvallis.org/ | http://sustainablecorvallis.org/action-teams/waste-prevention/recycling-block-captain-program/


 Campus Recycling & Student Sustainability Initiative's Waste Watchers Program

When:             Thursdays, 6-7 pm (Jan. 10 - Mar. 7)

Where:            Student Sustainability Center, 738 SW 15th St (15th St near Western)

Description:    Waste Watchers is a joint group between Campus Recycling and the Student Sustainability Initiative that works on events and other outreach related to waste reduction on campus. All are welcome to drop by our weekly meetings, at which we work on activities for fall events such as America Recycles Day, scrap craft events, repair fairs, etc.

Requirements: None

Contact Info:   Andrea Norris by email or 541-737-5398

Website:          http://recycle.oregonstate.edu/volunteer


Campus Recycling's Repair Fair Volunteer

When:             Fairs are monthly, times variable

Where:            Student Sustainability Center, 738 SW 15th St (15th St near Western)

Description:    The OSU Waste Watchers needs volunteers with repair skills - computers, electronics, furniture, general household items, clothing, anything! We are hosting monthly Repair Fairs, workshops at which students and community members bring broken items and learn how to fix them.

Our first Repair Fair was on October 29th and was very successful. Learn more about the event in this blog post or view photos on Facebook.

Requirements: Skills and experience in repairing computers, electronics, furniture, household items, clothing or other items

Contact Info:   Andrea Norris by email or 541-737-5398

Website:          http://recycle.oregonstate.edu/volunteer



The City Club of Portland is seeking volunteers for a commitment of approximately twelve months beginning in early January 2012 to study air quality.  An application and study charge can be found here: http://www.pdxcityclub.org/content/studies-progress.


Lincoln Elementry School Garden Help with Linus Pauling Institute's Healthy Youth Program

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Where: Lincoln Elementary School garden

Description: Working With Kids at Lincoln in the after-school Garden Club, Lincoln Elementary School. Come work with the Lincoln kids in the afterschool "Garden Club".  We teach nature-related  lessons and do garden work.  You can lead a lesson if you want!

Number of Volunteers Needed: 5

Volunteer Requirements: Volunteer application, background check. No garden experience is required.

Contact Name: Casey Bennett

Contact Information: casey.bennett@oregonstate.edu

More Information: lpi.oregonstate.edu/healthyyouth; lpi.oregonstate.edu/healthyyouth/LincolnGarden; https://lincoln.csd509j.net


SAGE Garden Volunteer

When:               Tuesday evenings, March until October (4:00 pm until dusk, around 6:30pm)

Where:          Bruce Starker Arts Park, SW 45th Place & SW Country Club Dr (off of SW Philomath/OR-34W)

Description:   This project will most likely involve preparing the garden for spring planting. The food that is grown is donated to local food banks and soup kitchens, providing fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to families in the community who need them most. In 2011, the garden supplied almost 7,000 pounds of organically grown produce to agencies all over Corvallis

"You're invited to get involved in a fun volunteer opportunity with the Corvallis Environmental Center's Starker Arts Garden for Education (SAGE). SAGE is a 1-acre educational production garden located in Bruce Starker Arts Park in Corvallis (45th Place and Country Club Drive). The garden serves as a place to learn and grow food. We donate the food to local food banks and soup kitchens, providing fresh produce to families in need. In 2011, we donated 7,000 pounds of produce to hunger relief agencies in Corvallis.

Our work relies on volunteers to help plant, weed, and harvest the food at SAGE Work Parties. We'd like to invite you and/or your group to volunteer for a work party. Work parties are a fun, relaxing way to help your community. You can learn how food is grown, spend a day outdoors, have a picnic, and build teamwork, all while helping make a difference! We are happy to tailor the work party to match your interests. A typical work party starts with a tour of the garden, introductions, and time to answer questions. After that, volunteers will work as teams in the garden for just 1.5 to 2.5 hours. 

Scheduling is very flexible. Individuals, families, and small groups are welcome to attend regularly scheduled work parties open to the public every Tuesday from 4-6pm (no scheduling required, just show up!). Or reserve a special spot just for your group or student organization! Group work parties can be scheduled for any Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, or Saturday mornings or afternoons (except April), between March through October.

Contact Info: To learn more or schedule a group work party, please contact   Deanna Lloyd, ECI Outreach Coordinator and garden manager, at SAGE@corvallisenvironmentalcenter.org or (541) 753-9211. They hope to see you at the garden!



Produce for the People Community Garden Member

When:             Weekly

Where:           4000 SW Western Blvd, Corvallis (behind the Westside Community Church)

Description:  Produce for the People is a community garden serving low-income individuals and organizations in Corvallis. Members of the garden make a monthly commitment of their time to work in the garden, and get to harvest as much produce as they need. Excess produce is donated to local organizations and individuals in need. Members work together in the entire 10,000 sq. ft. garden, and collaboratively manage the space and the group. We will also host one-time service learning opportunities for individuals and groups. Contact us for information on upcoming meetings. We were previously part of the Producing for the People project, the link below has more information on that program.

Work Party Schedule: Saturdays 9:00 AM to 11:00AM

Requirements: No garden experience needed, only motivation to learn! We will enthusiastically work with individuals of all ages and abilities, and we have a variety of tasks requiring diverse skill-sets. Youth under 16 should attend with a responsible adult. We will also host workshops to help you learn gardening skills and knowledge.

Contact Info:    Sue Domingues: sue_domingues@hotmail.com, 541-231-3859

Website:        http://health.oregonstate.edu/producing-for-the-future | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Produce-for-the-People/347728461998306?fref=ts

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