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Language Arts Media Center

33 Kidder Hall

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About the Language Arts Media Center

The Language Arts Media Center is a mixed-use computer classroom that is equipped with software and hardware needed for language learning and for general computing in languages other than English. The facility is used by language classes most of each day, but it is open for walk-in use at other times. We also have a limited amount of audio and video equipment that can be checked out to students for use in language-related class projects. Equipment loans must be arranged through an instructor.

Hardware and Software

The LAMC has 30 quad-core MacPros deployed with a dual-boot configuration. Users may select either Mac OS X or Windows XP before logging in. To get back to the desktop selection screen, select "Restart" from whatever operating system you are currently using.

LAMC users who wish to use the CAN8 VirtuaLab for listening, speaking practice, or vocabulary quizzes should select the XP desktop. The same is true for users who want to use the SIL speech analysis tools, IPA Help, and the Japanese tutorials. Users who wish to use the lab to create presentations, podcasts, videos, or storyboards will find better resources on the OS X desktop. Basic office functions such as word processing and spreadsheets are available on both desktops.

Language Arts Media Center Hours

The LAMC is generally available for student use from 5:00 until 9:00 Sunday through Thursday. There are no evening hours on Friday or Saturday. There is staff available during open hours to assist with technical questions, but language tutoring is not available.