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ISS Multicultural First Year Experience (FYE)

Multicultural First Year Experience allows students who are first time freshman an opportunity to explore their own identity and build relationships with other new students from different backgrounds and heritages. The program allows students to choose from a "playlist" of diversity opportunities to engage the OSU community and to learn about all the possibilities for campus and social justice engagement.

Web Site: ISS Multicultural FYE

Meyer Memorial Trust

Meyer Memorial Trust program for Academic Success to academic success A Grant funded program that provides peer-led tutoring, academic mentoring, study skills development and other services at the University's four cultural resource centers--Native American Longhouse, Asian and Pacific Cultural Center, Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center, and the Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez.

Web Site: http://www.mmt.org/story/oregon-state-university-foundation


WORTHE (Women Returning to Higher Education)

The WORTHE program @ the Women’s Center is a 1st year experience program designed to support (new to OSU) undergraduate women, twenty five years & older in their academic success and preparation for professional careers.  

Web Site: WORTHE @ the Women's Center


Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is located in 102 Waldo Hall and welcomes all students at Oregon State University. We are a student-centered, friendly place where students can come for assistance and to get questions answered. Our services include the following:

  • Academic Coaching—well trained peer coaches can help students achieve academic success
  • Academic Learning Services—ALS offers courses in support of student success (Academic Success, Career Decision Making) as well as orientation and skills development
  • Peer Education Training—The ASC offers training for tutors, Supplemental Instruction leaders, and academic coaches
  • Summer Bridge Experiences—The ASC is home to the BEST Summer Bridge Program for student athletes and to the September Scholars Bridge Program, which assists students in their transition to the university
  • Supplemental Instruction—offers group tutoring/study table support in high-risk classes
  • University Exploratory Studies Program—advising for students who have decided to explore majors
  • Writing Center—provides writing support enabling students at all levels to function effectively, efficiently, and confidently in an academic environment
  • Information and Referral—Just stop by with your questions or needs, and we’ll connect you to the right office!

Web Site: Academic Success Center


Educational Opportunities Program

The Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) provides a welcoming environment that supports the full development of the personal and academic potential of students who have traditionally been denied equal access to higher education. 

The program was created at Oregon State University in 1969 and provides support to students of color, students with disabilities, students who are single parents, low-income students, students who have been rurally isolated, veterans, older-than-average (25+), or 1st generation in college (neither parent graduated).

Web Site: Educational Opportunities Program


Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANNRS)

The mission statement of the national MANRRS organization is: “Promoting academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences”. The OSU-MANRRS chapter takes part in this mission by supporting and enhancing diversity within our college and surrounding community. We provide mentoring and networking opportunities, connect students to available resources, conduct workshops for professional development to help students define and achieve their goals, provide community service opportunities to promote active citizenship, and support College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) in meeting its diversity related goals.

Web Site: Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources, and Related Sciences


Student Support Services

SSS is a federally-funded TRIO Program whose mission is to provide opportunities for academic development, assisting students with basic college requirements and overall help to eligible participants graduate with the grades and skills necessary for success at Oregon State University and beyond! 

Web Site: Student Support Services


Campus Academic Success Resource Guide

Additional resources are available and can be located via the Campus Academic Success Resource Guide's website.

Web Site: Campus Academic Success Resource Guide

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