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Social Justice Education


Intergroup Dialogue

Intergroup dialogues are facilitated, face-to-face meetings between students from two or more social identity groups that have a history of conflict or potential conflict. Examples include dialogues between Women and Men; Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexual and Heterosexual People; White People and People of Color; Women of Color and White Women; Asians and Whites; Latinos/as and African Americans; American Indians and Whites; Christians, Muslims and Jews; Asian Americans and Latino/as; People with Disabilities and People without Disabilities.  These dialogues allow students the opportunity to explore emotionally charged, historically laden issues in an atmosphere of creative and appreciative inquiry and discussion. Intercultural Student Services along with other campus partners and friends is the home of intergroup dialogues


Social Justice Students Conference During Holocaust Memorial Week

Every spring in conjunction with Holocaust memorial week, Intercultural Student Services hosts the Social Justice conference for graduate students and senior level undergraduates. Utilizing the Holocaust as a call for social justice around a multitude of current and historical issues, intercultural students services provides a forum for the interdisciplinary presentation of ideas, thoughts, research and inquiry related to the existential questions that the holocaust raises for the 21st century.

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Project Social Justice

Project Social Justice (PSJ) is a nine-month mentoring program for individuals interested in becoming effective social change agents. The vision of the program is to develop diverse leaders dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive society. Participants will be expected to attend activities, meet independently, engage in authentic conversations, and provide reflections throughout the experience. Mentees will create a culminating personal growth and social justice project. It is our hope that mentors and mentees will build meaningful relationships with one another and within the cohort of participants. The program begins during the Fall 2013 term and ends Spring 2014.  For more information click here.  To apply click here.

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