Withdraw for the Term

Any student in good standing (See Academic Regulation 22) is entitled to withdraw without prejudice at any time prior to the beginning of finals week.

How do I Withdraw from the University for the Term?

To withdraw from the university you must complete the 10-question withdrawal survey available in Online Services. If withdrawing from summer term, see instructions below.

  • Go to the Withdrawal Survey
  • Click "Withdraw from the University for [Term/year]".
  • Answer the questions to conclude the withdrawal process. If your are receiving financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office to report your withdrawal.

You must confirm your intent to withdraw from the university by answering the first question. If you do not confirm your intention by answering the first question you will not be withdrawn from the university and will remain responsible for your enrolled courses. The remaining questions in the survey give you the opportunity to share your reasons for leaving the university and to indicate if you plan to return to OSU in the future.

Summer Term Withdrawal: Students may withdraw from any courses during Summer term as indicated by the appropriate session deadlines. A student who remains enrolled in a course(s) after the Withdraw Course deadline for a session is responsible for completing the course(s) in that session and is not eligible for a university withdrawal for the Summer term. A student who has dropped/withdrawn from all Summer session courses in accordance with posted deadlines will be considered as having withdrawn from the university for the term. University withdrawal processing will be completed at the conclusion of the Summer term. Note: Withdrawals resulting from a university withdrawal (as defined in Academic Regulation 13) do not count in the undergraduate 12-Class withdrawal limit specified in Academic Regulation 12.

What does it mean to Withdraw from the University for the Term?

If you are enrolled in courses as of the first day of the term and elect to drop/withdraw from all of your courses for the term, you are withdrawing from the university for the term. The withdrawal is only effective for the term in which you drop/withdraw your courses. If you are enrolled in a future term and do not wish to be, you must cancel your registration for that term or you will remain enrolled in, and responsible for, your enrolled courses.

Your transcript will reflect your withdrawal from the university in the form of a comment that indicates that you withdrew for the term and the effective date of the withdrawal. If the withdrawal is completed during the withdrawal period (weeks 3 to 10), all currently enrolled courses will be assigned a W grade indicating you withdrew from the courses after the drop period. The W grade indicates the course was not completed, no credits were earned, and it is not used in the computation of the grade-point average.

Can I enroll again in the future?

Withdrawing from the current term does not affect your ability to enroll in future terms. Provided that you meet the enrollment eligibility requirements for continuing students you may enroll in courses online in accordance with established registration procedures.